Refractive Index Database
Has all sorts of useful optical information on hundreds of materials, including refractive indices, dispersion formulas, chromatic dispersion, etc. all in an interactive form with wavelength dependent charts and equations!
RP Photonics Encyclopedia
An absolutely wonderful, open-source reference for ANYTHING laser related!!
Energy Conversion
For those that don’t already have “an app of that”.
Optics Applet
Useful tool for modeling applications that have multiple lenses and/or mirrors – model the pulse propagation geometry before you build or purchase your optics.
Calc Tool
Contains calculation tools for everything from pulse characteristics in optics to probability statistics in mathematics to theoretical FRET efficiency and fluorescence lifetime in photochemistry!
Derivative Calculator
Extremely useful and time-saving tool when calculating 2nd and 3rd derivatives of the Sellmeier Equation for GVD and TOD estimates on an ultrafast laser table – who really wants to do these derivatives by hand!! Also, within this resource (or here), there is a link to an integral calculator.
SDBS Database
Database with MS, NMR, IR and Raman spectra for thousands of searchable organic compounds